We nurture young
talents in AI

We prepare talented students for their
future careers in technology and innovation.

of income tax for students’ education to ensure a brighter future of Slovakia

The BrAIn association was established with the aim to nurture young talents in the field of computer science, smart technologies and artificial intelligence. BrAIn was founded by researchers from the Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies. We believe that supporting young promising people in this field is the key to boost technology transfer and increase innovations in Slovakia.

Our vision is:

  • that talented, committed, honest and inventive people will contribute to the betterment of Slovakia
  • to advance the knowledge transfer in the field of computer science and intelligent technologies with interdisciplinary connections to the social sciences and humanities
  • to inspire young people to think innovatively and develop their talents for professional life

2% of your income tax will help students to fulfill their potential

Support us with 2% of your income tax. These are our details for donating 1% – 3%
of your income tax to fill out in tax forms:

  • Name of the organization: BrAIn
  • Registered office: Bottova 7939/2A, 811 09 Bratislava-Staré Mesto
  • Legal form: Civic association
  • Identification Number (IČO): 54263930
  • Bank account number (IBAN): SK57 8330 0000 0024 0234 8500
  • Contact: info@ozbrain.sk

We cultivate talent development in the field of AI

Depending on the raised amount of finances, we will use the funds for the following activities:

Connect aspiring talented people with experts in Slovakia and abroad

  • Travel and other expenses related to the work on interesting projects
  • Covering the costs of organizing events aimed at connecting talented people with companies, e.g. BetterAI Meetup

Supporting Projects of talented students

  • Tuition fees for courses in computer science, information technology, smart technologies and artificial intelligence
  • Covering the costs associated with preparation and studies in the areas where students need help

Assisting young people to get out into the world

  • Covering the costs of international conferences, campuses, internships, summer schools and studies abroad

Developing students’ communication skills

  • Funding communication courses to improve skills in popularization of scientific knowledge
  • Covering the costs for seminars, lectures and other popularization activities
“Given that I have a background in design rather than in academia, my internship allowed me to get introduced to the field of AI research. I was also allowed to lead my own project with guidance from talented and open-minded people who are more than happy to share their knowledge, discuss and help.”

Andrea Horváthová

I studied new media design at Design Academy Eindhoven where I worked on many research-heavy design projects. At university, I examined topics related to machine learning and Big Data which is why I decided to apply for an internship at KInIT. During the internship I started working on a self-initiated project and brought myself closer to the research topic. After I graduated, I decided to accept the offer to work at the institute full-time as a Communication Specialist and Visual Designer.

“My internship at KInIT has given me the opportunity to work on various projects focused on the application of artificial intelligence models. It also gave me the opportunity to develop and expand my knowledge in several areas that I am interested in.”

Marcel Veselý

I am a second level student at FIIT STU. I am interested in Artificial Intelligence, because I am able to use my creativity in the field and implement unique ideas. At the same time, I am helping to achieve new milestones towards the world’s automation. My primary fields of interest are computer vision and NLP, as well as their explainability.

I decided to join KInIT because the institute has the same priorities and goals as I do. It is also full of young talented people and experienced researchers that ensure high quality and expertise.

“Internship at KInIT is an enriching experience. Not only did my programming and problem solving improve but so did my reporting and cooperation skills. KInIT has a friendly community of people who help me in case I have a problem. I would encourage anyone who has an interest in AI to also give it a try.”

Tomáš Remiš

I am currently studying at Gymnázium Jura Hronca. In the future I would like to focus my studies on data science. I learned about KInIT when my high school has been offered a guided tour of KInIT  in 2022. I decided to apply for an internship not only because I’m interested in AI but also because I believe that KInIT would provide me with a unique opportunity to both hone my programming skills as well as learn new concepts, I would have not come across otherwise.

“I have the opportunity to learn from the best and work with leading experts. A great benefit is the wide range of knowledge sharing & personal development, whether it is through attending seminars or discussions with PhD students. I always try to make the most of every opportunity to learn something new. I would recommend this to every student who is considering an internship.”

Martin Melišek

As a computer science student at FIIT STU, I had my first opportunity to meet the lecturers who worked at the faculty before becoming a part of KInIT. Even back then, I was attracted by their dedication, expertise and their ability to pass their knowledge to students. After a few years of studying, I decided to start my professional career. I approached KInIT as there was a suitable open position for a student interested in working on an international project. I was particularly interested in researching diverse areas such as battling misinformation using artificial intelligence.

“Internship at KInIT is fun, sometimes tough, yet entirely worthwhile. I was able to interact, work with, and most importantly learn from amazing people, who made me really feel part of the team. Having undergone two large research projects, I gained priceless theoretical and practical skills and new vigour into my career. Interning here is an experience that is hard to match anywhere else.”

Timo Hromádka

I studied Computer Science at King’s College London. During my bachelor’s thesis I investigated fake news detection. It was crazy to me how computers can learn to understand text, and not just numbers; there’s something fascinating about that. I decided to apply to KInIT because of their variety of interesting projects. Having gotten an initial glance at what it was like to conduct research at university, I wanted to experience it at a more rigorous level, and start making an impact on the world, quite literally.

“This internship has allowed me to pursue my interest in the entanglement of technology and society. I obtained hands-on experience with ethical assessments of AI systems. Coming from a social sciences background, I was provided with a stimulating environment that encourages and values interdisciplinarity as a crucial element of scientific research.”

Adrián Gavorník

I have studied an interdisciplinary social sciences programme at Maastricht University. Over time, my interest has narrowed down to studying the relationships between technology and society and the effects of various narratives on science and technologies, particularly disruptive technologies such as AI. I currently continue this endeavor studying at the University of Vienna. I believe that social sciences expertise is a necessary and valuable part of ensuring that AI is developed and deployed in a manner that benefits everyone.